Felony Crimes


Experience Matters

Felony criminal offenses in Washington State are governed by the Sentencing Reform Act (SRA). 

A criminal defense attorney practicing in this area needs to be  educated and experienced in calculating criminal offender scores, understanding aggravated felony sentencing factors, felony sentencing enhancements, and various collateral consequences not understood by the general criminal defense community. 

Most importantly your criminal defense attorney needs to know how to DEFEND against a felony criminal conviction. 

A felony conviction can follow and impact a person for the rest of their life. Therefore, it is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney with a powerful understanding of the SRA and how a felony conviction may impact you. Whether you are facing prison time, Department of Corrections supervision, substance abuse treatment requirements, deportation or any other criminal conviction consequence, the Hankins Law Firm stands ready and qualified to help develop a criminal defense strategy that works for you. 

The Hankins Law Firm is qualified to handle any offense ranging from simple drug possession to rape and murder. Contact the Hankins Law Firm for your FREE criminal defense phone consultation.