Driving Under the Influence


A Conviction with Extreme Consequences


DUI convictions are not your average misdemeanor crime. In Washington State, DUI criminal laws have become some of the most strict in the nation with far reaching consequences that can often seem more serious than many felony criminal conviction consequences. 

Some of these criminal conviction consequences include: travel restrictions, loss of license, mandatory jail time, restricted driving privileges etc. 

It is paramount to contact a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience specifically in the area of DUI. Nicole Hankins, the principal attorney at Hankins Law Firm, has  extensive experience with DUI criminal defense but also spent many years prosecuting DUI on behalf of the State of Washington. Her experience as a criminal prosecutor gives her a criminal defense perspective not possessed by many attorneys in the area of criminal DUI defense. She can provide you with incredible insight into the process and help develop a criminal defense unique to your case and your needs. 

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